Best Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

best way to generate real estate leads

Generating leads and making consistent sales is a dream come true for any real estate agent. However, with the increasing numbers of agents in the real estate industry, how do you succeed and stay ahead of the curve as a real estate agent? After talking with successful professionals in the real estate sector, we analyzed the information we gathered and compiled a list of the tried and true methods of generating real estate leads.

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Best way to Generate Real Estate leads

There are so many ways to generate real estate leads, no doubt, but we have narrowed down the list to include only the tested and trusted methods for this post. Here are some of the best ways to generate real estate leads.


Contact Marketing

Contact marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all forms of physical interaction aimed at generating leads for your real estate business. Contact marketing is conducted through various means of interactions and engagements, including:

Reaching out to FRBO’s and FSBO’s

FRBO’s and FSBO’s stand for “For Rent by owner” and “For sale by owner,” respectively. Reaching out to owners who wish to sell or rent their properties is crucial for any real estate agent regardless of your years of experience.

Owners give you access to the properties you intend to market to your potential clients. Most homeowners don’t have the availability to handle the day-to-day activities of meeting and talking with different clients and would be more than happy to give you access to the property so long as you have an excellent strategy to help them get their house off the market.

You can find most FRBO and FSBO listings online or in newspapers with the email and contact information of the owner. Give the owner a call and explain how you can help market and sell their homes.

Pro Tip: Always watch out for expired listings while you’re checking FRBO’s and FSBO’s. The owners of these listings obviously couldn’t close the sale of their home for one reason or the other and would graciously welcome your help with open arms.

People you know

People around you can often help connect and introduce others to your business. Start talking to people you know about your business, including friends and families. They can also help you reach out to other people who might need a new home or any of your other services.

Host and attend open houses

open house

Open houses are like an all-you-can-eat buffet for real estate leads. Walk into any open house event around you and meet new people. Interact with them and find out what they want.

Many of the people in open houses might not be ready to buy a home, but they might need a home at some point in the future. Therefore, ensure you collect and save the contact information of people you meet in open houses.

If you’re the one hosting, use a sign-in sheet to collect the contact information of everyone who walks in through the door.

Attend and Sponsor niche events

Niche events serve as a meeting point for seasoned professionals to connect and communicate with one another. These events can vary from “chambers of commerce” conferences to cultural festivals celebrating local businesses in your area.

Regardless of the occasion, use the opportunity to grow your industry connections and information network. Even though most people there might be your competitors, you will learn a lot by listening and asking the right questions.

Furthermore, you can also sponsor your own event by hosting a seminar on a topic that would interest your peers and other potential homeowners. While you are at it, ensure you give out fliers and other educational materials with your details and contact information included visibly.

Secondary sources

Divorce lawyers are one of the chief secondary sources of real estate leads. Their clients, “divorced couples,” are usually in the market for a new home or might wish to sell their existing homes, especially after a bad breakup.

Partner with divorce lawyers and let them know that you can help their clients buy a new home or sell their existing homes. Your partnership can also be in the form of leaving your promotional materials in a room where their clients can easily access them.


Digital Marketing

digital marketing realtors

We talked about contact marketing which involved using physical interaction to generate leads. Digital marketing, on the other hand, consists in using various digital or online means of communication to meet and interact with potential clients. Some of the best ways to generate real estate leads with digital marketing include:

Social media

Building a social media presence can be an invaluable way to generate real estate leads, especially with the rate of dependence people have on their phones and social media accounts.

Most people post every aspect of their lives on social media, including activities like “moving out” or “looking to move into a new neighborhood.” You can use hashtags like “#apartment, #newhome” on platforms like Instagram or TikTok to focus your search for leads and cherry-pick from the bunch.

Some other popular hashtags you can search for include:


Moreover, you can also include a hashtag of your city or neighborhood to limit your search to people within your location. Oh, and don’t forget to include hashtags of new weddings and brides (#marriage, #weddingday, #bridetobe, #engaged, #shesaidyes) in your searches because most newlywed couples would indeed be looking to move into a new or bigger apartment within the coming weeks or months of their marriage.

Paid Ads

You know those pop-ups and ads that tend to appear on your Google browser, Instagram, or Facebook page after you search for an item? Yes, those are paid ads. Paid ads can help you target specific demographics of people you feel might be interested in your services.

The ads are usually set to lead the user to a specific website or page designated by the owner or, most times to promote awareness for an existing post or event. Using paid ads can help you generate effective leads quickly. And the best part is you can start with a small budget and monitor your progress before deciding on your next course of action.

Web presence

Having a website as a real estate agent helps you stand out from the competition for so many reasons. For starters, a website gives you a unique online location to include all your promotional materials; that way, your paid ads can easily direct people to your website.

Moreover, a website gives you an online presence where potential clients can reach you and find out about your services. The key to making your website work for you is using blogs and targeted landing pages to create informative and engaging content that will promote your website.

Targeted landing pages can be in the form of geography-specific landing pages spread across various cities that can help you engage and connect with clients that live in those areas.

Local SEO

Local SEO for realtors

Yes, you have a social media presence, but unfortunately, almost everyone in the digital age has one also. You’ll need something more if you’re going to expand your reach to include people who prefer to use traditional search engines.

Whether you like it or not, most people still prefer to search for “new homes near me” and “cheap apartments for rent” rather than using Instagram hashtags. SEO will help you ensure that your website is among the search results that Google and other search engines display when people within your location and city search for homes for sale.

The key here is to ensure that you are showing up on page one for local search results. Otherwise, you’ll have spent a lot of time and effort, and your page won’t be found. Larger brokers may have an SEO strategist on staff as the process can be pretty time-consuming.

Since you are only looking to rank locally on page one and not nationally (where you’d likely need a 6 figure budget at minimum), most agents elect to hire a local SEO agency to manage their website and ensure that it shows up in local search results on page one. You will get a far better return on investment, and the yearly cost is typically less than the commission of just ONE home sale making local SEO one of the best ways to generate real estate leads.



To be successful as a real estate agent, you will need a combination of effective contact and digital marketing methods. While generating real estate leads through contact marketing may seem practical, relying on it solely will limit your market reach. Unfortunately, not all of your potential clients will be in your neighborhood. If you’re evaluating the best ways to generate real estate leads, your strategy will need to include digital marketing. 

This may sound a bit daunting. However, a digital marketing firm like Keys2 Media can help you integrate digital marketing strategies into your lead generation portfolio, giving you a competitive advantage to edge out the competition successfully.


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