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Look no further! Keys2 Media was founded by digital marketing industry veterans looking to fulfill a significant gap in the SEO industry. After years of working directly with hundreds of SEO agencies and web marketing service companies, we noticed a consistent theme – businesses being overcharged for outdated services that did not yield results.


We’ve seen it all!


The most common SEO sales tactics involve layering on lots of perceived “value” in the form of:


  1. Keyword rankings
  2. Backlinks
  3. On-page SEO

A well-rounded Boston SEO campaign will involve all of the above as strategic components. Unfortunately, all too many businesses end up believing more is better and months or even years later realize they’ve barely moved up in the rankings and have spent thousands of dollars for the privilege.




Why hiring a Boston SEO expert is critical

Hand over cash for SEO services

Let’s imagine you are a dentist in Boston and you are looking to do local SEO to move your business to the number one position in Google when someone searches for “dentist Boston.” This is going to be a very competitive search term and will require several things being well optimized before even beginning an SEO campaign, including:

  1. Website optimization – if your site is slow or doesn’t look attractive, getting more eyes on it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  2. Calls to action – what would you like a prospect to do once they click on your Google listing?
  3. A compelling offer – how is the prospect “convinced” to take action?
Based on this, you would think that every Boston SEO agency would verify that these three steps have been taken before agreeing to help a client drive more traffic to their website page, right? Unfortunately, this is typically not the case. You see, the current web marketing trend is to productize services, meaning you pay for features rather than based on results. While this isn’t always
a bad thing, we’ve seen far too many agencies offering “SEO” packages that include on-page SEO and claim to optimize for anywhere between 5 and 25 keywords. 
What good are keywords if they’re not driving traffic or aren’t relevant to your business’s core offering? Ranking for one well-researched keyword tailored to your business can bring in more leads than 25 or more poorly chosen keywords. If there’s one thing to take from this article- be very skeptical of any pre-made SEO product that highlights keywords and backlinks. More often than not, these packages are offered because of their high margin for the company offering them, and often you’ll get no reporting to see if your rankings are improving. It’s much easier to charge for keywords and backlinks than to charge based on results. Paying for extra poorly written content on your website that doesn’t move your site to page one is money down the drain! 
By hiring a Boston SEO expert, you can feel comfortable knowing you are working with a local company that understands your business’s needs. Our experts will tailor a marketing plan specific to your business and deliver monthly reporting showing real-time results as they occur. Don’t just take our word for it; let the results speak for themselves.

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Our Process

Comprehensive Audit

Comprehensive Audit

First, we conduct a 360-degree website audit to identify website strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to ensure your site is appropriately structured for Google and optimized for conversion. Next, a Boston SEO expert performs keyword research specific to your business goals to ensure that we rank pages that will provide meaningful conversions. Finally, competitor research is conducted to ensure we build more robust and efficient campaigns to outperform the competition.

On-page SEO

We make necessary changes to your website to ensure visitors spend time there and convert. This can include:

  • Optimizing website structure and layout
  • Performance optimizations
  • Call-to-Action and landing page setup
On Page SEO
Link building

Off-page SEO

In a nutshell, our primary goal here is to build relationships with other organizations that have authoritative websites that would be relevant to your business. Having other websites that link to yours shows Google that you are an authority in your field and that your website contains valuable information that deserves increased visibility.


Wouldn’t it be great to see that the marketing you pay for is working? Believe it or not, you can, and we believe that is the only ethical way to conduct business. You will receive monthly reporting showing your progress and return on investment. While we can never make guarantees, you will always see where your campaigns stand and are kept in the loop. Trust comes through transparency, and we do our part to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.