The Ultimate Guide: How to Get Leads for Lawyers

How to get leads for lawyers

How to Get Leads for Lawyers

Getting leads is crucial to the success of any business, regardless of the industry. Leads are potential customers who willingly supply their contact details to you and are interested in the services you offer.

How do you get leads as a lawyer in this fast-paced competitive industry? Where do you start? And how do you get your leads to stay interested in what you have to offer? These questions might seem complicated, but there’s an easy solution to them, and we’ll share them here.

Without delaying any further, let’s get into it!

9 tips for getting effective leads as a lawyer

There are various ways to get leads as a lawyer. And though our list might not be exhaustive, it’s extensive enough to help you start generating effective leads in no time. The critical point to mention here is that these strategies use various forms of bait known as lead magnets to get potential clients to supply their information.

So, what exactly is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is any downloadable or web resource you offer to your potential clients for free in exchange for their contact information. The lead magnet should be something of value that solves a common problem your target clients might experience. Your lead magnet can be anything from:

  • Webinars
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Masterclass
  • A report
  • Email courses

We have outlined various short-term and long-term strategies that should get the job done swiftly if used effectively.

Short term strategies

These strategies can be carried out for short periods to help you get qualified leads. Nonetheless, they require a lot of capital or time investment and are more effective when run intermittently by lawyers or firms looking to give their client base a quick boost.

1. PPL services (pay per lead)

Pay per lead

PPL services, known as pay per lead services, are 3rd party agencies and websites specializing in helping lawyers and law firms generate paid leads. Just as the name implies, you pay for each lead the agency gives you, and the quantity of leads you receive depends on your marketing budget.

This approach works well for lawyers seeking to gain the initial clients needed to kick off their careers but does not guarantee qualified leads. The high cost of running the campaign makes it less appealing to maintain for extended periods unless you have a huge budget. We have included a short list of firms that can help you start on a PPL Campaign.

2. Offer free consultation

Nothing gets your customers juiced up like the mention of the word “free.” You can schedule and set up first-time free consultation services for visitors and potential clients who research your business. Now you might be thinking to yourself, why would I want to do that?

A free consultation service helps you get the clients through the door giving you a better chance to sell them on your services. The idea here is to use the free consultation to offer clients a taste of what they stand to gain by working with you, and if they like what they see, they will surely be back for more.

You can also hire an experienced lawyer to help you handle the consultations while onboarding the clients when they return for the complete package. Moreover, the beautiful thing about this strategy is that when you do get leads, you stand a higher chance of landing them as a client if you’re good at what you do because the clients coming in are people who are genuinely in need of your legal services.

Long-term strategies

Long-term strategies are cost-effective methods of generating leads over long periods. They include various digital marketing strategies that can be applied to your practice to help you secure potential clients ahead of your competitors.

3. Websites

Your website is an online representation of your law firm. It’s the first place your potential clients go to when they look for information about your firm and the services you offer. A good web design should include the following attributes:

  • Professional with aesthetically pleasing design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Incorporated with CTA buttons for easy conversion
  • Equipped with live chat, popup questions, and other features that will nudge visitors to supply their information.

If your website checks these lists, you’ve taken the first step to put your business online. However, suppose you don’t have a website for your firm. In that case, you can either use this link to build one for yourself or hire a web design firm to create the perfect website tailored to your services.

4. Landing pages

Landing pages are web pages created specifically to advertise products and services and ultimately generate leads. Your landing page should have a clear and convincing copy that will effectively engage and market your services to your potential clients.

When designing landing pages, include calls to action (CTA) and forms that can adequately capture the contact information of your clients. You might need to create several different landing pages that are tweaked to various locations where you target or the various services you offer in your practice.

5. Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media when it comes to generating leads. Social media posts help increase customer engagement and boost awareness of your services. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are popular options to create engaging and informative posts for your practice.

You can also use organic ads on your feed and paid social media ads to advertise your services. Design your ads creatively and set them up to lead the clients directly to your landing pages. And above all, ensure your landing pages are informative and equipped with lead magnets to capture the contact information of your potential clients.

6. Reviews and Referrals

Reviews and referrals help boost your credibility and reputation in the eyes of the public. Online reviews from satisfied clients can go a long way towards helping you secure your next client.

Most potential clients tend to lean towards a firm they have read many positive reviews about, especially when the reviews are from distinct individuals with different perspectives. Create a page on your website and other directories where clients can review your services.

You can also ask your clients to refer you to their friends, colleagues, or relatives that might need your services. A satisfied and happy client would be more than willing to put in a good word for you when they encounter individuals who need services within your wheelhouse.

Furthermore, try to acquire a Google guaranteed badge for your Google Business Profile (GBP). A Google guaranteed badge next to the reviews on your GBP profile can help increase your credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

The badge is Google’s way of endorsing your practice and vouching for you based on your success with various clients in the past. To get a Google guaranteed badge, you will need to pass a Google screening and verification process through local services Ads or any of its partners.

7. Networking and Industry Events

You’ve probably heard phrases like “your network is your net worth” and a lot of other similar expressions. While they might sound like cliches, they also have some truth. People in your network can help you spread the word about your practice as well as the services you offer.

Start by talking to your close friends and relatives. Inform them of your practice and how you can help them or their friends who might need your services. Another critical way to build your network is by attending industry events within your profession.

Industry events help connect you with your colleagues in the same business. Sure, they might be your competitors, but Law is a vast profession with various specializations. Moreover, most lawyers tend to have a specialized niche like “business law” or “criminal law” and can help refer clients to you who need services outside their toolbox.

8. Content Marketing

When it comes to generating leads, content is king. Content marketing encompasses various marketing strategies that involve written, audio or visual materials to create awareness for your practice.

These marketing strategies can be in email marketing, blogging, social media posts, and even YouTube Channels. Law practice falls into the “Your Money or Your Life” business category so ensure your content is authentic and authoritative.

Use keywords that satisfy purchase intent to boost the visibility of your content. For instance, instead of using generic keywords like “lawyers” or “law practice”, you can use longtail keywords like “Non-disclosure agreement for employees” or any other similar keyword that clients might search for that fall within your practice niche.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to integrate lead magnets and contact forms in your content. Your contact form should request simple details like name and email address that a client can quickly provide. In addition, the email addresses collected through your lead generation strategies can be used to build a mailing list for your email marketing campaign.

9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the three-letter acronym that has transformed businesses and industries across various sectors. SEO ensures that potential clients see your practice without any physical effort on your part. It achieves this by increasing the visibility of your website and content whenever clients perform search queries for keywords related to the services you offer on search engines such as Google.

The key to leveraging the potential of SEO for your business is by applying SEO best practices when designing your website, creating content for your practice, and implementing other lead generation strategies.

Additionally, use location-specific keywords and keywords related to your services when creating content for your practice across all your digital marketing channels. You can also make location-specific and content-specific landing pages that would show up in various local search results where you offer your services.

Though SEO can be challenging to apply, especially for someone new to digital marketing, its effects are tremendous and long-lasting, making it one of the most important ways of generating leads for lawyers. However, if this seems a bit much for you to handle, you can seek the services of an SEO consultant to help you get the job done.

The best way to generate leads for lawyers

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

We talked about various strategies for how to get leads for lawyers in detail. Putting these strategies into practice is where the challenge lies. As a lawyer looking to generate leads for your practice, the best approach will combine long-term and short-term strategies.

However, while short-term strategies like PPL and free consultations might be within your wheelhouse, long-term strategies like web design, content marketing, and SEO, which are far more effective, might prove an uphill task to surmount.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to take on both strategies alone; A digital marketing agency like Keys2 Media can take care of your long-term strategies while you focus your effort on satisfying your clients. Our experience in the industry gives us a unique advantage to help you generate leads for your practice so you can focus on what you do best, advocating for your clients.


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