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After working with over 1,000 small businesses throughout the country, we’ve seen firsthand that most struggle to keep up with their website. It’s easy to fall behind, especially when you have a business to run and clients to accommodate. Many we’ve worked with have a website up and running, but often their web design hasn’t been updated since it was initially created.




The TWO most common reasons are:


  1. Lack of time

  2. Lack of content ideas


Keys2 Media helps with content creation and marketing strategy to take the guesswork out of maintaining a successful and high conversion website. Most business owners know that their website is essential, but what is the primary purpose of a business website? First and foremost, an effectively designed website will represent your brand and its offerings. Additionally, your website should make it very simple for customers to purchase products or services directly or have an easy way for prospects to learn more. This could be in the form of a direct phone call, email, or perhaps by signing up for an informative newsletter.


Every successful business should have a website that represents their business AND drives conversion. Your website should help prospects find you, learn more about your offerings, and most importantly, generate leads through compelling calls to action.


If this seems daunting or overwhelming, don’t worry! This doesn’t have to be complex. Keys2 Media will start by learning about your business, your sales objectives, and existing marketing to create a tailored web design and marketing plan for you. Moving forward, your business will have the tools in place to get more leads and drive conversion all through your business website.

Web Design Service Highlights

Beautiful Design

Beautifully Designed

What’s your bounce rate? When a potential customer visits your website and does nothing, then leaves, it is referred to as a “bounce.” Great design and compelling content keep customers longer and increase the chance of a conversion. Our custom web designs are responsive and optimized for maximum engagement, ensuring that your bounce rate will be lower than your competition.


Need help with content? We’ve got you covered!

SEO Optimized

What good is a beautiful website if potential customers can’t find it? Keys2 Media implements SEO best practices to ensure that your content ranks in search engines. This includes proper tagging of website elements and labeling of pages (known as schema markup) so that search engines understand what your page is about and can easily see what’s on each page.


Most clients pair this with Local SEO for optimal results. In this case, our experts work to acquire mentions in the form of links to your site from other high-quality related websites. Additionally, we write additional copy for your website to impress visitors and ensure that search engines see your business’s value to your clients.

SEO optimized
Optimized for conversion

Optimized for Conversion

To this day, one of the top challenges our clients face is in implementing effective calls to action (CTA). For service industries, this could be scheduling an initial consultation or encouraging customers to leave a review. For retail sectors, “buy now” is the desired action. Keys2 Media will learn about your business and implement effective copywriting to ensure that your prospects and repeat clients convert.

Are you losing clients due to a poorly optimized website?